Creative Writing Services



Final check of copyedited work (book manuscript, film or TV screenplay, story/article, or White Paper), focusing on typographical, grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors. Formatting and layout errors are noted.


Tighten up completed work to smooth out flow and transitions, "punch up" writing, maintain author's "voice" and style, and retain logic stream. Includes all Proofreading services as described above.


Analyze work for accuracy, clarity, correctness and consistency. Rewrite and rearrange non-major problem areas as needed; provide detailed suggestions for improving major problem areas. Provide comments as to overall reading flow and logic flow. Check document for spelling, punctuation, grammar, and word usage. Factual errors and formatting and layout errors are noted.


Substantive/ Developmental Editing

Evaluate work for: flow, clarity, correctness, consistency, logic and accuracy. Rewrite, reorganize and rearrange portions of work as needed. Write additional sections of new content where necessary. Includes all Copyediting and Proofreading services as described above. Includes a polish of the completed substantive edit work, addressing author's notes on the work.

Book Ghostwriting

Write final draft manuscript from underlying source material (author notes, interviews, lectures, speeches, etc.). Includes information-gathering, research, fact-checking. Includes a rewrite of the first draft and a polish of the rewrite, addressing author's notes.

Film/TV Script Writing

Write a feature film or television screenplay from a synopsis, outline or author's notes. Create and develop storyline, characters and dialog. Includes script coverage report and treatment.

Film/TV Script Doctoring

"Punch up" and/or rewrite feature film or 1-hour TV drama screenplay or treatment to improve storyline, dialog, logic flow, and character descriptions; and integrate, tighten up or eliminate exposition. Includes script coverage report.


Transcribing from Audio

Create a typewritten, cleaned up, formatted document from original audio or audiovisual source.


Newsletters, Article, Blogs

Design and package print material into newsletter format. Includes creation of three different template designs.

Print-Ready/ Text Layout

Design, format and layout text into publish-ready format. Includes creation of three different template designs.

Creative Story Consulting

Detailed story advice, including elements such as characters, dialog, setting, theme, story flow, logic flow, etc.


Premier Management Consulting Service

A MONTHLY FEE SERVICE: In addition to our consulting services and expertise, Executive Services clients receive a significant reduction in percentage fees, and, at no charge, the following additional creative writing services: White Papers, Detailed Story Analyses, Script Coverage Reports, Media Articles and Stories, Film and TV Project Treatments, Document Proofreading and Polishing, Book Assessments, Outlines and Synopses, Individual Project Evaluation and Breakdown, Book Manuscript Basic Editing and Proofreading, Film and TV Script light Doctoring and Proofreading.

Mission Statement

CAM Artistic Management is dedicated to using our pool of talents, including literary career consulting and management, writing, editing, publishing, and creative affairs, solely for the purpose of raising the standard of information and entertainment to the highest possible levels.
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What we do

Since 1985, C.A.M staff have ghostwritten, edited, overseen the editorial work for, and/or represented for all literary, publishing, and writing endeavors, over 80 projects for more than 60 clients worldwide, in genres that include Drama, Supernatural Thrillers, Christian Living/Theology, Biography/Autobiography, Self Improvement, Sports, Business/Sales, History, the Economy, Medical Mystery/Narrative, the Auto Industry, the Energy Industry and more.
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With more than 25 years of experience in writing, ghostwriting, editing, publishing management, feature film production management, and television drama writing and production management, C.A.M puts things right for our clients and keeps them there, focusing on increasing market demand for their books, film and TV projects.

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